Our Team

Food First has a large network of committed activists who produce cutting-edge analysis and educational resources, and who work closely with community-based movements and organizations in their struggles for land, democracy, sustainability, health, economic justice, food sovereignty, and a world free of sexism, racism, militarism and other forms of structural violence.

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Our small but dedicated staff collaborates with dozens of fellows, interns and contributors, working tirelessly to coordinate publications, events, workshops, media interviews and Food Sovereignty Tours.

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Board of Directors

Food First’s Board of Directors is composed primarily of community-based activists who ensure that the organization’s work remains focused on the issues that matter most to people’s daily lives.

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Our talented cohort of Food First research fellows includes both young and established scholars who have dedicated their careers to supporting grassroots struggles and advancing the global movement for food sovereignty.

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Our consultants are talented and highly qualified professionals that support Food First staff team with the coordination of publications, social media, and administrative duties.