Our Past Projects

Food First is a “think-and-do tank” that generates research and education for action. We also support community-based projects around the world that are creating real change for real people.

Food First initiates projects on the ground with local actors and provides key professional resources to support these promising initiatives.  Over a period of several years, we devolve these projects to the local level.  This process allows us to also stay in touch with the pulse of grassroots actors and activities.

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Farmer-Led Pollinator Restoration

Bringing back the bees to Mexico’s farmland

Indigenous farmers in Central Mexico are working to conserve soil, water and biodiversity as they restore pollinators to hundreds of acres of smallholder farmland.

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Land & Sovereignty in the Americas

Building knowledge and alliances to stop land grabs

The Land & Sovereignty in the Americas Collective brings together activists and researchers working to understand and halt the alarming trend in “land grabbing” throughout the Americas.

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Urban Farmer Field Schools

Creating healthy & resilient food systems in the Bay Area

East Bay Urban Farmer Field Schools generate useful agroecological knowledge and build farmer-to-farmer and community relationships for community-driven food security.

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We Are the Solution

Farmer to farmer education in Africa

Women farmers in West Africa have created the “We are the Solution” campaign to promote African family farming, with the support of Food First-generated farmer to farmer training materials on agroecology and policy engagement.

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Food Sovereignty Tours

Helping you explore your global food system

Food First’s educational travel program brings you to the front lines of the global food sovereignty movement to meet with the people and organizations working to transform their food systems.