Development Reports

A Bitter Pill: Structural adjustment in Costa Rica

Development Report | Alicia Korten | Jun 1, 1995

Under structural adjustment, export industries received support while corn, bean and rice farmers lost their government sponsored credit and price supports.

The Missing Piece in the Population Puzzle

Development Report | Frances Moore Lappé and Rachel Schurman | Sep 30, 1988

Unless we are honestly willing to confront the roots of people's powerlessness, we cannot hope to halt population growth in the future.

South Africa: A new US policy for the 1990s

Development Report | Kevin Danaher | Apr 1, 1988

U.S. policy in South Africa has been contradictory--denouncing apartheid while blocking actions aimed at weakening apartheid.

Food Self-Sufficiency in North Korea

Development Report | David Barkin | Jan 1, 1986

The North Koreans started to reorganize agriculture immediately after the 1953 Korean armistice to respond to the productive demands created by their policy of self-reliance.

Agrarian Reform in El Salvador: An evaluation

Development Report | Martin Diskin | Jan 1, 1985

The "most sweeping land reform in Latin American history" is in reality an inadequate measure to redress the most serious problem facing El Salvador.

Agrarian Reform and Counter-Reform in Chile

Development Report | Joseph Collins | Jan 1, 1979

Five years have passed since the overthrew of President Salvador Allende. This paper asks, What have been the policies of the military junta in the Chilean countryside?