Elections 2016: A Message from Food First

Food First | 11.10.2016

Photo by Stephen Melkisethian / CC BY

Friends of Food First,

Like you, we’re feeling this election’s devastating setbacks; but now more than ever, we are committed to hope.

The election of Donald Trump and the meltdown of the Republican and Democratic parties have thrown our struggles for social justice into a new, challenging, and dangerous arena.

We want to be clear though – a Trump victory is not a failure of our social movements.

Instead, it’s reflection of a political-economic system unable to resolve the deep social conflicts that decades of endless war, unchecked corporate power, and the unbridled accumulation of wealth by the 1%.

We can learn from the struggle of allies across the globe; Trump’s vision for the future is a vision fought in countless forms throughout history. Our movements have more in common now than ever before, and together, we’ll work to fill our resistance with love and solidarity.

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The feelings of sadness, anger, and anxiety over the election results are widely shared among those of us who have been working hard for dignity, equity, and justice in our food system. But this shouldn’t take our eyes off Donald Trump’s “movement.” Trumpism has both emboldened and laid bare the very injustices that cause hunger—racism, classism, sexism, privilege, and exploitation.

Nonethless, the popular vote against him and the many votes that were not able to be cast or counted serve as evidence of the strong sentiment against Trump’s “movement” that exists across the United States along both coasts, through the middle of the country, and across the southeast.

Now is the time to join forces and to support the leadership of frontline communities in building movements. They have been facing down injustice in different forms for many years. Their leadership guides our way. In days to come, we’ll be in touch regarding opportunities to organize and provide support.

We have done this before, and we will do it again.

Their struggle is our struggle. Your struggle is our struggle. As always, we invite you to share with us – your thoughts, ideas, and analysis moving forward.

In love and solidarity,

Eric, Leonor, Ahna, Alyshia, Justine, and Marilyn