Food First’s Program in Cuba: Expanding Sustainable Agriculture Around the World

Food First | 10.01.2000

Fall 2000, Vol. 22, No. 79

For the last seven years, Food First has been working with its partners in Cuba to support this country’s nationwide conversion to sustainable agriculture. Agronomists and farmers from around the world have been taking an interest in Cuba’s successes, and Food First has played an important role in this increased awareness through our publications, speaking tours, and delegations. ln February of 2001 Food First will lead the fifth Sustainable Agriculture Delegation to Cuba, in May we will co-sponsor the IV International Encounter on Organic Agriculture in Havana, and in the fa ll we will release a new book of essays by Cubans describing their transition to sustainable technologies.

We are dedicated to ensuring that Cuban expertise is made available to other communities where people are struggling to find alternatives to conventional agriculture, and thus stand to benefit from access to affordable, safe, small-scale techniques for food production. Our Alternative Food Systems Program is working with grassroots movements, small farmer coalitions, and community food secur ity activists to empower communities that a re moving to rake control over their food supply. We are currently working with organizations in Laos, Haiti, Northern California, and the Southeastern United States, and with our partners in Cuba to create train ing and outreach programs.

As globalization continues at a breakneck pace, it is more important than ever to unite alternative food system advocates all over the world. We saw how this can have impact at the WfO and World Bank/IMF protests in Seattle and Washington, where united fronts of activists were able to affect policy and capture the attention of the world. The challenge is to continue to build linkages through equal and respectful communication, sharing our experiences, successes, and cha llenges in the effort to end to hunger and poverty.

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