Get on the Bus! Join the California Economic Human Rights Bus Tour

Food First | 05.01.2001

Spring 2001, Vol. 24, No. 81

To build a national movement for economic human rights in the United States, Food First is organizing the 2001 Economic Human Rights Bus Tour in California, to be held from May 29 to 31. This follow-up to our successful 1999 Georgia Bus Tour will draw public attention to growing poverty and hunger in this country, and the powerful grassroots campaigns that address these injustices. We are pleased to be joined in this effort by the fifty-four member Congressional Progressive Caucus and more than two hundred organizations from across the country.

Representative John Conyers called Food First’s 1999 tour “the most important thing I’ve done this year.” With this in mind, the 200 l tour will again bring congressional representatives, state legislators, local officials, and the national media on the bus. They will hear firsthand testimonies and policy recommendations, emphasizing the need for bolder initiatives and a greater community role in policy making. The tour will highlight campaigns for justice in California and expand the call for economic hw11an rights to a national level.

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