News and Views: 2019 Annual Report

Food First | 04.02.2020

Download the full 2019 Annual Report here.

Thanks to you, frontline communities of farmers, workers, and organizers always have a trusted place for free, open-access resources that shed light on the root causes of hunger.

Because we rely on supporters like you, and not corporate underwriters or big philanthropy, we continue to produce, publish, and share the type of research and analysis that dismantles myths and informs social movements fighting every day to create a food system rooted in dignity, joy, and justice.

For 45 years, Food First has been pushing back against these myths funded by corporate media, right-wing think tanks, and politicians. But together we’re amplifying movement voices, creating new narratives, and developing effective strategy for social change.

Food is the basis for social life. And we won’t stop until it is no longer treated as a commodity for profit or as a weapon. We will need a deeply informed, strategic, and broad social movement to build power to change not only our food system, but everything. We cannot do it without you.

To read more, please download the 2019 Annual Report here or view in full below.

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