The 2001 Economic Human Rights Bus Tour: The movement gains momentum

Food First | 07.01.2001

Summer 2001, Vol. 24, No. 82

From the Bay Area to the Central Coast of California, testifiers came forward to break the silence surrounding the daily violations of their human rights in the world’s most affluent society. Freeman Davis, a 71 year old veteran and client at the Oakland Homeless Project, said “I worked for48 years as a machinist and I helped build d1e Alaska pipeline. I served my country well and now I don’t have enough income to rent an apartment and for basic needs like clod1ing and food.”

Food First organized d1e 2001 Economic Human Rights Bus Tour from May 29-31 to strengthen the movement for economic and social human tights in d1e United States. The bus tour was endorsed by d1e fifty-seven member Congressional Progressive Caucus and more dun two hundred organizations from across d1e country. The tour drew the attention of policymakers and d1e media to growing poverty and hunger in rural and urban areas of California, as well as me powerful grassroots campaigns that address these human rights violations.

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