Aid Trade & Development

A Bitter Pill: Structural adjustment in Costa Rica

Development Report | Alicia Korten | Jun 1, 1995

Under structural adjustment, export industries received support while corn, bean and rice farmers lost their government sponsored credit and price supports.

Chile’s Free-Market Miracle: A Second Look

Book | John Lear and Joseph Collins | Jan 1, 1995

Collins and Lear present a close examination of the "Chilean miracle," demonstrating how well the "exception" fits the rule: success for the few, disaster for the many.

Chiapas and the Crisis of Mexican Agriculture

Policy Brief | Peter Rosset and Roger Burbach | Dec 1, 1994

The rebellion in southern Mexico led by the Zapatista National Liberation Army is rooted in the profound agricultural crisis of the state of Chiapas.

The Missing Piece in the Population Puzzle

Development Report | Frances Moore Lappé and Rachel Schurman | Sep 30, 1988

Unless we are honestly willing to confront the roots of people's powerlessness, we cannot hope to halt population growth in the future.

South Africa: A new US policy for the 1990s

Development Report | Kevin Danaher | Apr 1, 1988

U.S. policy in South Africa has been contradictory--denouncing apartheid while blocking actions aimed at weakening apartheid.

Food Self-Sufficiency in North Korea

Development Report | David Barkin | Jan 1, 1986

The North Koreans started to reorganize agriculture immediately after the 1953 Korean armistice to respond to the productive demands created by their policy of self-reliance.