US Food Justice

Food justice sees the lack of healthy food in poor communities as a human rights issue and draws from grassroots struggles and US organizing traditions such as the civil rights and environmental justice movements.

The Capitalism in our Food

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Marion Nestle | Sep 11, 2017

Click here to view this Backgrounder in Portuguese. Click here to view this Backgrounder in Spanish.  This Backgrounder by Marion Nestle is…

Cultivating Gender Justice

Cultivating Gender Justice

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | | Mar 29, 2017

Author’s note: Thank you to Tasnim Elboute, Ayana Crawford, McKenna Jacquemet, Matthew Rose-Stark, Erik Hazard, and Jonathan Baldoza for their invaluable and…

Sacred Fire: Ron Reed and Tradition

Blog | Rebecca Murillo | Feb 3, 2017

“I was born into this world looking at the glass half empty,” Ron told Delicious Revolution, a radio show and…

Honoring Kathy Ozer

Blog | Ahna Kruzic | Jan 25, 2017

Here at Food First, we are celebrating the life and contributions of comrade Kathy Ozer, who was the Executive Director of…