2010 Annual Report

Food First | 04.01.2011

Due to the world economic crisis, Food First, like so many organizations faced serious budget shortfalls with grants down by 61% and individual donations, which can account for 80% of our income, down by 17% in 2009-2010 compared to the previous fiscal year.

Sadly, we were forced to halt unfunded projects, lay off our analyst, and cut back remaining staff salaries by 15%. We have also rented out one third of one office space and hunkered down to weather the economic storm.

One “silver lining” is that we now share an office with the California Food and Justice Coalition (CFJC) and Corporate Accountability International. Now our building is a real beehive of activism! We got to work right away with CFJC to plan the 15th annual Community Food Security Coalition Conference “Food Justice: Honoring our Roots, Growing the Movement” to be held November 5-8, 2011 in Oakland, CA.

The next good news is that a talented team of 60 interns, research fellows, plus partner organizations and friends stepped in to contribute  their time and talent to Food First.

NV33_120 Spring 2011-graph